UPF 50+ vs SPF 50+

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) ratings are used for fabrics, SPF ratings are used for sunscreen. UPF 50+ corresponds with SPF 50+ used in sunscreen and blocks over 97,5% of the sun's harmful rays.

How does the fabric get the sunprotection in it?

Beach and bandits garments provide an UPF 50+ which is about as high as it goes. What makes the fabric provide sun protection is due to the fabric itself. The denser the weave of the fabric, the more sun protection it offers. All of our garments are tested and certified to provide the highest level of protection available. We use independent labaratories for these tests. Our fabrics are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the sun, in and out the water, keeping your little bandits comfortable, cool & protected. All Beach & Bandits swimwear whatever the colour, wet or dry blocks over 97,5% of both UVA and UVB rays. Learn more about sun safety here.

What's wrong with covering up with regular clothing, such as a cotton shirt or pants?

Most cotton or synthic weaves provide only minimal protection (UPF of 5 to 10), for example, a white cotton t-shirt only blocks 10% of the sun harmful rays, which is further reduced when wet (only 5%). This means that if you decide to dress your child in a t-shirt at the beach or pool, you should also apply sunscreen under the shirt.

Aren't sunsuits hot?

No. We have designed our garments with the idea that your little wild childs will be in the hot sun when they wear them, so breathability is very important for comfort. You will be surprised how cool our garments are, the fabric is light-weight and especially designed to keep your little bandits cool.

Why is it so important that the garment correctly fits my child?

Beach & Bandits garments is sized to fit snuggly and provide a second skin for the body, a protective skin. If the garment fits well, your little bandits will quickly forget they are wearing it, will not get cold or uncomfortable when they come out of the water and will happily keep the garment on all day.

What size do I need?

Please see our size chart for exact measurements per model. You can find the size chart on the product page.

Wouldn't it be better if your garments had long sleeves and long legs?

Yes, it would. However there is a limit to the lengths kids are prepared to go to in order to protect themself from the sun. We have found that kids are becoming extremely fashion conscious and if they are going to wear sun-safe threads, they want it to be cool. We have designed our garments to cover as much of your little bandits' body as is socially acceptable and strongly encourage you to protect the remaining exposed skin with a very good quality sunscreen.

Do you ship world wide?

Yes, we ship world wide.

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